Team Culture

  • Our team is inclusive of any and all cycling abilities. We meet students where they are and we strive to create an environment for them to progress. Progression is defined by the student. For some it is to progress socially, others it is to progress physically. There is no wrong definition and we strive to help each student achieve their goal.
  • Cycling creates situations where students will encounter difficulty and struggle. We expect members of our team to support each other as they overcome these obstacles.
  • Ultimately we desire for everyone on our team to develop a life long interest in cycling and to learn life lessons that will create resilient and productive men and women as they enter adulthood.


Code of Conduct and Expectations of anyone associated with our team

  • We expect our students and parents to honorably represent our team both on and off the bike.
  • During trail rides we are the nicest and kindest people on the trail. We expect riders to say hello, please and thank you when passing or crossing others on the trail.
  • We will always show respect and decency to others.
  • Bullying will not be tolerated, as mean people suck.
  • Despite the training and resources of our ride leaders, we expect students to self-rescue during practices and races. This means a well-maintained bike, a helmet, water, fix-a-flat kit and other items necessary to ensure you can return to the trail head.
  • During practices students are expected to stay with their ride group. Always check in and check out before leaving practice.